Preparation For Viewing

Preparation For Viewing — Preparation For Viewing In Goulburn, NSW


Preparation For Viewing

Some people find comfort in viewing their loved one before the funeral as it’s an opportunity to say a personal goodbye. The decision to arrange a viewing is up to the family.

In our experience, many people who may have at first been hesitant to view their loved one, have said that the private viewing helped with their grief and provided a private moment of closure.



At RJ Sidney Craig Funeral Directors, we offer a private and comfortable viewing facility for families who want to spend time with, and say their personal goodbyes to their departed loved ones.

Our caring staff are available to discuss your preferred time and date for the viewing and can make all of the necessary arrangements.
Coffin — Preparation For Viewing In Goulburn, NSW


Embalming is an important custom for many cultures and families. Embalming is a process of preserving your loved one by using special solutions.

There are occasions where embalming is needed for hygienic purposes, to preserve the natural appearance of the deceased, especially if the deceased is being transferred interstate or overseas. Having your loved one embalmed is also necessary if they will ... Read more

Choosing a Casket or a Coffin

Selecting a coffin or a casket for your departed loved one is usually a matter of personal preference. The major point of difference is in the design. A casket is rectangular throughout, while a coffin is tapered on both ends and widens at the shoulders.

We have a variety of caskets and coffins in different styles that you may choose from. Get in touch to discuss your needs, and how we are able to assist you, today.